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Monique Ross, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

School of Computing and Information Sciences

and STEM Transformation Institute

Courtesy Affiliation - School of Universal Computer, Construction, and Engineering Education (SUCCEED)


11200 SW 8th Street

Miami, FL 33199


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LEARN-CS engages in research that explores the narratives often omitted from mainstream computer science research; those at the intersections of race and gender.


Current funded projects:

  • CAREER, NSF, CAREER: Cracking the Diversity Code: Understanding Computing Pathways of those Least Represented, $662,350

  • IUSE, NSF, Understanding the implications of gamification on women computer science students’ engagement and women-CS fit, $300,000

  • Center for Homeland Security Research and Education, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Center for Advancing Education and Studies on Critical Infrastructure Resilience (CAESCIR), $1.2M

Legacy funded projects:

  • Verizon Innovative Learning for Minority Males Program: FIU Pathways to STEM, $396,000

  • EAGER, NSF, BPE Demystifying the Engineering and Computer Science Underrepresentation Problem: Understanding the pathways to and through these Disciplines for Black and Hispanic Women, $71,206

  • NCWIT Extension Services for Undergraduate Programs (NCWIT ES-UP), $10,000



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  • Verdín, D., Godwin, A., and Ross, M., (2018) "STEM Roles: How Students’ Ontological Perspectives Facilitate STEM Identities," Journal of Pre-College Engineering Education Research (J-PEER): 8(2), 31-48. 

  • Kirn, A., Huff, J. L., Godwin, A., Ross, M., Cass, C. (2017) Exploring Tensions of Using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis in a Domain with Conflicting Cultural Practices.Journal of Qualitative Research in Psychology, 1-20, DOI:10.1080/14780887.2018.1563270. 

  • Ross, M., Capobianco, B., Godwin, A. (2017). Re-positioning identity as a viable theoretical framework for studying Black women in engineering. Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering 23(1), 37-52 (2017).

Conference Proceedings:

  • Bhutta, K., Dou, R., Ross, M., Kramer, L., Thamatharan, V. (2019). ComputerScience Stereotypes and Identity: Two Career-Choice Models for InformalPrograms to Consider. NARST, Baltimore, MD, March 31-April 3, 2019.

  • Garcia, A., Ross, M.,Hazari, Z., Solis, T., Weiss, M., Christensen, K., Georgiopoulos, M. (2018). Examining the Computing Identity of High-Achieving Underserved Computing Students on the Basis of Gender, Field, and Year in School. The Collaborative Network for Engineering and Computing Diversity Conference (CoNECD)

  • Ross, M., Garcia, A.,I lead, therefore I am: The impact of student-mentor leadership opportunities on STEM identity development and sustainability. 125thASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, June 24-27, 2018.

  • Bhutta, K., Dou, R.,Ross, M. (2018). Computer Science Identity: Decoding career interest & stereotype barriers. FIU Undergraduate Research Symposium; FIU Teach Conference

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  • Kirn, A., Godwin, A., Cass, C., Huff, J., Ross, M. (2017) Mindful Methodology: A transparent dialogue on adapting Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis for engineering education. 124thASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, June 25-28, 2017.

  • Fletcher, T., Ross, M. (2017) Instructors perceptions of Site Leadership within a Summer Engineering program (evaluation). 124thASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, June 25-28, 2017.

  • Ross, M. (2017) Workshop: Know thyself- Retaining your authentic self in the computing workplace. TAPIA (ACM Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing) Conference, September 20-23, 2017.

  • Ross, M. (2017) Diversity and Inclusion: Leveraging existing skills in preparation for the engineering workplace. National Association of Multicultural Engineering Program Advocates (NAMEPA) Conference, September 10-13, 2017. Presented as Webinar, Feb., 28, 2018 – Due to Irma​​